Alchemy Studio

Alchemy had to create the web and mobile version for this cryptocurrency platform that bridged the gap between users and their desire to live in a decentralized financial world.
From using Ethereum’s 0X protocol to create the trading engine to crafting the perfect UX, we did it all from scratch.

Design and Development

From ensuring the users about the transferability of crypto funds and provenance on the trading engines, we have to ensure a rock-solid integration between front-end and the back-end. By using the bleeding-edge technologies and collaborating with the best protocols, we made it happen!

Major Highlights in Design:

The Charts: It is important for a cryptocurrency platform to have responsive and insightful charts. By best-in-class data engineering, we have ensured class-apart charts in the DigitX platform.

Feature-rich Minimalism: To truly impress users, it is needed to have a minimal design along with clear access to all the necessary functionalities. We have worked with the best UX developers to make this happen.

Boosted Mobility: We all know how the distributed networks are fast-paced and users are always looking to check things out while on the move. By creating a responsive platform, we ensure a high degree of mobility.

Major Highlights in Development:

Smart Contracts: By using smart contracts, we made sure that the system is stable and the platform is able to handle orders at scale. With turing-complete ethereum, we were able to pull it off without much hassle.

The Backend: Alchemy decided to go with Node.js for the backend over Java because we wanted to leverage modularity and keep the platform highly scalable. By using React Native, we were able to make Android and iOS versions at a controlled cost.

Safe and Secure: Because the industry is still in its nascent stage, regular hacks and digital thefts are registered with various cryptocurrency platforms. With DigitX, our goal was to keep security as a top priority.