Alchemy Studio

FitX is aimed to be positioned as a class-apart fitness app that motivates the users to start working out and track their health in a proactive manner.
With impeccable designs and bleeding-edge technologies, we made sure that the final product was a success.

Design and Development

By using the best-in-class stack and integrating the right APIs such as GoogleFit, we made sure that no stones were left unturned.

Major Highlights in Design:

Freedom with light: We understood the needs of various users based on our research. By adding an option of dark theme, we gave users a great option.

Engaging with Chat: We leveraged a texting-based layout that could boost engagement from the users and motivate them for working harder.

All-at-once: By communicating with a number of users during our discovery phase, we understood the importance of conveying all the information in single screens.

Major Highlights in Development:

Integration with Wearables: Modern users prefer to have high-performance trackers on them, that helps them with keeping up with their goals.

GPS on-point: To collect and gather data about the various activities performed by the users, we ensure a robust GPS setup with the application.

Highly Secure: It’s well established that privacy is a top concern for users, that’s why we believe fitness platforms need to have solid data security.