Alchemy Studio

Job-X was created to help users with finding professionals for various tasks such as solar roofing, AC maintenance, HVAC, and many other tasks.
With incredible designs and robust backend, we hoped to create a high-performance platform for the San Diego startup.

Design and Development

The main challenge we faced was about ensuring a uniform and consistent experience for the users on both ends, i.e. for the professionals looking for work and the users who are looking for these professionals.

Major Highlights in Design:

Easy to Navigate: With intuitive designs and well-thought wireframes, we were able to craft a seamless navigation for the users

Comprehensive Profiles: For users to hire a professional, we ensured that they have access to all the relevant information to make an informed decision.

Simple Interface: To make the platform truly cutting-edge, we worked with the best designers for keeping the interface as simple as possible.

Major Highlights in Development:

Analytics and Data: To make the platform future-proof, we worked hard to use the best data engineering technology for making analytics easy.

Secure Payments: We made sure that the platform enables highly secure payments. With robust payment gateway integration, we left no stones unturned.

Managing Bookings: With the best-in-class API services incorporated by the team at Alchemy, Job-X is able to notify professionals about the bookings and other developments.