Alchemy Studio
Food Delivery

Alchemy Studio strived to craft an incredible experience in the Maxy food delivery app.
Not only this, we had to create another module for the delivery agents.

Design and Development

With Maxy, the main goal was to find a balance between the two modules. The next step was to ensure that the app we built is robust and responsive.

Major Highlights in Design:

Intuitive Design: More often that not, food delivery apps tend to have too much information over each screen. With Maxy, we used intelligent UI Design to keep it clean.

Real-time Maps: As we know, hungry customers love to track their food while it’s on the way. To make this easy for them, we used the best API integration practices.

Pictures, Perfect: A big part of the buying decision that the users make on food delivery apps is based on the pictures from each restaurant - that we made sure look nothing but perfect.

Major Highlights in Development:

Secure Payments: It is important for a food delivery app to ensure highly secure payments. With robust payment gateway integration, we left no stones unturned.

Responsive Listings: Every restaurant has its own operating hours and separate inventory that they can manage with the app so no wrong orders are placed.

Categories & Cuisines: Some users tend to order on the basis of restaurants, while some do it on the basis of cuisines they crave, with well-thought categories - we took care of it.