Alchemy Studio

Just impressing users with beautiful designs does not cut it, definitely not in FinTech.
As pioneers in product development, Alchemy Studio understands the impact of trust and reliability in fintech.
From the word go, building a robust platform with intuitive user-experience was our top priority.

Design and Development

When it comes to digital banking or enabling mobile payments, user-friendly design is of utmost importance. With an added layer of simplicity to an efficient system, we knew we could deliver a winning combination for our clients.

Major Highlights in Design:

Minimal cognitive load: Given the details involved in fintech applications, it is important to take care of the cognitive load experienced by the users.

Declutter from the start: By keeping minimal interface elements with just the right amount of content, we aimed to make the web version incredibly neat.

Visual Cues: We’ve used visual cues with intuitive designs and iconography that makes it all the more easier for users to transact freely.

Major Highlights in Development:

Alignment with Regulatory Stack: It is important to keep the regulatory conditions in mind. Failure in compliance with regulations can be very problematic for fintech platforms in the long run. Alchemy made sure that no stone was left unturned.

Bleeding-edge Performance: We understand the level of complexity involved in creating a truly great web application. With a small margin of error, we make sure we make sure that we deliver nothing but exceptional.

Safe and Secure: Data security issues might not be as alarming for a social media app or a fitness-related platform, but it sure hurts the brand when it comes to fintech. To make sure we’re on top of security considerations, we used the industry-best technologies for Primo.