Alchemy Studio

From the very start, the goal was to create a platform that can drive sales for the brand.
With thoughtful designs and branding, we hoped to achieve this goal.

Design and Development

As we started, the first step was to pick the right combination of colors and typography to come across as a trusted brand. Following this, we hoped to craft an impeccable user-experience for the shoppers.

Major Highlights in Design:

Simple User-Journey: With a highly intuitive design, we have made sure that we provide a highly streamlined user journey to all of our users.

Comprehensive Wireframes: We wanted the application to be impeccable in terms of usability. With our level of expertise, we managed to achieve it.

Visual Cues: To make it easy for the users to interact with Spika, we made sure that the fonts and typography are on-point in all the screens.

Major Highlights in Development:

Affinity Mapping: By using comprehensive research in creating the user flows for various functionalities, we ensured accessibility for various modules in a thoughtful manner.

Managing Notifications: With the best-in-class API services incorporated by the team at Alchemy, Spika is able to notify users about close-by offers and other campaigns.

Delivery-very Easy: As we leveraged the right API services to stream deliveries, consumers can track their order and explore various options while on the go.