Alchemy Studio
Real Estate

With the creation of this platform, we wanted to take the experience
of buying, searching, and selling real estate to a truly seamless and exhilarating one.

Design and Development

Having worked on numerous real estate projects in the past, we understood the needs of the client and what their users expect from the platform. Based on this, we went ahead with the planning for the platform.

Major Highlights in Design:

Home Tour: Modern real estate platforms are really advanced in comparison with the listing-centric ones that we experience in the earlier days of the internet.

Interface of Sellers: While it’s important to provide an impeccable experience to the buyers, it is equally important for the sellers to be impressed with great usability and ease.

Seamless UX: To provide a great experience for buyers, we understood that the journey started right from onboarding to the final stages of decision making.

Major Highlights in Development:

For all Screens: It is important for a real estate platform to be highly responsive and stable for different screens.

Beautified Listings: We created an impeccable UI along with the best-in-class UX methodology to deliver perfect listings for the sellers.

Continuous Integration: With the implementation of xcode server, we were able to ensure continuous integration of various modules in the repo.