Alchemy Studio

With the Village, the goal was to create a one of its kind experience for the users to catch up with their friends on the go.

Design and Development

With an aim of catering to the modern generation users who like to do everything on their smartphones, the Village allows them to interact and make plans while on the go.

Major Highlights in Design:

Incredible Design: More often that not, such interactive apps tend to have too much information over each screen. In the Village, we used intelligent UI Design to keep it clean.

Engaging with Chat: We leveraged a texting-based layout that could boost engagement from the users and make it easy for them to interact with their pals.

Plan, on-the-go: With the Village, people are able to check out what their friends are up to, and create plans accordingly.

Major Highlights in Development:

GPS on-point: To collect and gather data about the various activities performed by the users, we ensure a robust GPS setup with the application.

Highly Secure: It’s well established that privacy is a top concern for users, that’s why we wanted the Village to have a solid data security infrastructure.

Simple Interface: To make the platform truly cutting-edge, we worked with the best designers for keeping the interface as simple as possible.